Making Zines, Assembling Them, etc.

My entire life currently revolves around applying to grad school and making zines, and I’m okay with that.

Because I want everyone to make zines, I’ve been trying to think of a way to teach zine-making. I’m super particular about my own zine assembly process because my photocopier is not-the-best and I refuse to pay for printing on campus. As a result, I assemble my images and text in Pages (Microsoft Word would probably work too, and if you have InDesign then I’d definitely use that). In doing this, I can also make online PDF versions to post / email / tweet.

This is a lot of trial and error and I think that there’s merit in struggling. The payoff is so much more rewarding when it takes you ninety minutes to do layout, you know? But, if you don’t feel that way, I’ve assembled a few helpful layout tips:

If you want to make a single sheet zine:


A layout cheat sheet for eight, twelve, sixteen page zines:


And lastly, a printable PDF detailing all of this! Link HERE.

p.s. I lied, I’m not done. If you need some zine ideas, steal the ones that I don’t have enough time to pursue at the moment:

-a list of gripes (with illustrations)
-made up infographics
-interview a bunch of kids about something funny and write about it
-a photo zine of dogs you’ve pet recently
-unsent letters (collaborative or not)
-an illustrated zine of things that have made you cry
-a rant about something that made you angry
-a love letter about something that made you happy
-(ok I will do this eventually but) a photo zine of street art with museum-like, highbrow captions.

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