new e-lit: monument to a feeling


I am still here! In the fog that is spring semester senior year, I’ve managed to put together some electro-poetry in Stepworks, an amazing, open-source, one-click storytelling tool. I was really excited to learn about this software, as I’ve been wanting to implement music into my writing but don’t (yet) know anything about audio-mixing, Final Cut Pro, or anything of the sorts. (I feel like I sound like a cheesy spokesperson here, but) Stepworks is rad in that it allows you to work in Google Docs and figure out the music implementation per beat, in correspondence / time with your writing — or not in time, if that’s more your thing. You can figure it out; I digress.

The piece I wrote over the weekend is called “monument to a feeling.” Unlike “Driving Alone at Night,” this work is poetry (!) and was written entirely within the program and on the spot. Likewise, the corresponding background piano was thought up while experimenting in Google Docs and on the web-page itself. Although both are pieces of electronic literature, “monument to a feeling” seems much more “born digital” to me than DAaN.

Once again, here is a link. Please let me know what you think of it and if you have any questions about how I made it.

And for more information about the SDSU Electronic Literature Competition, organized by the Digital Humanities Initiative, you can read more here.

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